Callis Author helps effectively model, document, communicate, institutionalize, and improve business processes.

  • Reduce effort necessary to create and maintain consistent process sets
  • Increase performance having lean and highly accessible, integrated process descriptions
  • Leverage from managing compliance against multiple standards and models

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CAT helps optimize and manage the collection of appraisal evidence when preparing for CMMI SCAMPI appraisals.

  • Reduce cost and risks when collecting appraisal evidence
  • Stores, organizes, and tracks progress across projects and support groups
  • Generates evidence database and Excel workbooks for readiness review and appraisal

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Callis Reviewer helps encourage, plan, execute, and monitor peer reviews.

Callis Reviewer will not miraculously remove all defects, but is an efficient, comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that will encourage employees to perform peer reviews and collect the benefits – reducing barriers to communication between roles in the organization, achieving higher quality of your products and minimizing total cost of product development. Find out more here…

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